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Read About Pulp Capping with Calcimol LC


Calcimol LC, from VOCO America, Inc, is a light-cured, resin modified, calcium ion releasing base liner and pulp capping material that provides thermal protection and acid resistance. It is indicated for indirect pulp capping, using as a lining under any type of filling material, and for extra protection when using the total-etch technique. Because it releases calcium ion, it promotes hydroxyapatitie and tertiary dentin growth. Its high pH (10-12) has an antimicrobial effect. Available in the new NDT syringe (“non-dripping technology”), it flows on demand, can be used with fine-flowing materials, doses consistently and precisely without losing any material, and stays put.

Calcimol LC creates a sealed barrier over the pulp that virtually eliminates sensitivity. It has high compressive strength, and is radiopaque and acid resistant.

Click here to read “From the Podium” by Dr. Gary M. Radz regarding its use, and here for more information from VOCO America.


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