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Dental Dam: A Standard for Care


Coltene's Dental Dam: A Standard for Care

Coltene Dental Dam, Elasti-Dam to isolate teeth during proceduresDuring any dental procedure, patient safety and care is a top priority.

However, recent reports reveal that dentists often overlook one critical tool for patient protection and isolation: the dental dam. According to a large national study conducted by the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network (DPBRN), only 47% of dentists always use a dental dam during root canal treatment. Another study by DPBRN states that 63% of dentists do not use a dental dam in their restorative procedures.

Due to numerous safety benefits, the dental dam is considered a standard of care by the American Association of Endodontists and is mandatory for certain endodontic procedures in the United States. Likewise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that dental dam usage is a recommended universal precaution for infection control in dental offices. The American Dental Association similarly advocates for the use of dental dams and makes a point of educating and training dental professionals.

The dental dam’s value is derived when used as a shield to isolate one or more teeth, effectively constraining bacteria to the isolated tooth and minimizing the possibility of the patient swallowing harmful debris during a dental procedure. 

It also provides the dentist with better visibility, allowing for focus on the treatment area. In many cases, the lack of use is tied to time consumption. However, with repetition, clinicians should be able to isolate for procedures in just a few minutes, in turn, supporting more successful dental care outcomes.

COLTENE aims to be a part of the solution by manufacturing high-quality dental dam and dental dam accessories under the Hygenic® name brand. Dental dams come in various thicknesses, also known as gauges, and are generally made from either latex rubber or, to cater to patients and staff with latex allergies, non-latex materials. At COLTENE, both types are made from durable, tear-resistant materials that are safe, effective and easy to use. COLTENE latex rubber dental dams include the Standard Latex Dental Dam, scented Fiesta® Dental Dam and the more elastic and tear-resistant Elasti-Dam®. Non-latex offerings include the Standard Non-Latex Dental Dam and highly-elastic Flexi Dam®.

COLTENE also offers convenient dental dam kits that include punch and forceps, dental dam clamps, metal frames and dental dam sheets, available in latex and non-latex varieties. 

All of these accessories and more are also available for individual purchase.

To learn more about COLTENE dental dams and dental dam accessories and to order products for your practice, visit their website or contact your local COLTENE Territory Representative.

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