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Hypersensitivity Relief in Seconds Flat


When a patient complains of tooth sensitivity in the absence of a defect such as a cracked tooth or cavity, it’s likely that they are suffering from dentin hypersensitivity. Caused by exposed dentinal tubules, dentin hypersensitivity refers to an exaggerated painful or discomforting response to normally harmless stimuli. For many afflicted with the condition, thermal stimuli like cold liquids can trigger a sudden and sharp hypersensitive reaction upon contact with the dentinal surface.

While there are a number of products that offer relief from dentin hypersensitivity, they are often less than convenient or timely. Some require prep before application such as acid-etching the dentin or anesthetizing the patient. This can also potentially lower pain thresholds and increase hypersensitivity. Others, such as a light-cured resin desensitizer, necessitate the use of a curing light which may not be available in every operatory. With Pain-Free™ Gel No Mix Desensitizer by Parkell, a leader in hypersensitivity therapies, clinicians can provide patients with hypersensitivity relief in one simple 30-second treatment.

Designed to deliver immediate relief from painful cold stimuli, Pain-Free Gel takes effect within seconds of application. A thick, viscous consistency ensures that the desensitizer won’t run off the tooth and allows for pinpoint placement on affected areas. Pain-Free Gel works by plugging open dentinal tubules with a unique tri-polymer formulation that penetrates deep down the sidewalls and grafts the molecules tightly to the calcium in the hydroxyapatite. This establishes a network of polymer chains and a firm guard against the flow of fluid in the tubules—the root cause of hypersensitivity.

Pain-Free Gel is available in a kit of three 3ml syringes with 30 needle nose intraoral applicator tips. Quick, easy, no-mess dispensing and precision application make this desensitizer an ideal first-line treatment for patients who need fast and effective hypersensitivity relief.

To learn more about Pain-Free Gel No Mix Desensitizer, watch a product demonstration video and order it for your practice, visit Parkell’s website.

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