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Imagen Dental Partners Optimizes the Group Practice Model


Imagen Dental Partners Optimizes the Group Practice Model


Dentists want to be supported, whether that’s by their staff, by other practices, or by an entire organization. In fact, solid business support is one of the key components to a successful practice.

 Imagen Dental Partners maximizes their value to their dental partners by enabling them to focus on patient care, education, and technology. With rapid expansion planned for 2021, Imagen is well on track to achieve its goal of becoming America's fastest-growing dental partnership organization. 

Imagen is improving upon the Dental Partnership Organization (DPO) model by allowing dentists to have control over their practice and giving them full clinical autonomy. Imagen provides their dental partners with business support so that they may focus on their main priority: exceptional patient care.

While many DPOs and DSOs are looking to sell practice groups in order to make a short-term profit, Imagen is more focused on a long-term partnership with mutually beneficial values.

“Every independent dentist will need a strategy to survive and thrive in a very rapidly consolidating dental industry,” says Michael Augins, Imagen President. “When a dentist partners with Imagen DPO, they can maintain their clinical control while maximizing the wealth creation potential they have as independent practice owners. Imagen is for technology-oriented dentists wanting to grow their practice meaningfully over the remainder of their career.”

Imagen also provides practices with financial incentives by paying them for their dentistry and the profitability of their practice, as well as of Imagen as a whole. Educational and mentoring opportunities from Spear Education and CDOS are also available, as Imagen’s goal is to support their partners so that they and their team may advance their skills, as well as unlock their full growth potential.

“I joined Imagen to get rid of the administrative headaches while keeping autonomy and ownership in my practice. I now have a defined exit plan with more wealth opportunities than just owning and selling a solo practice. It’s also more fulfilling to be part of a community of like-minded dentists,” states Rich Rosenblatt, DMD, founding Imagen partner.

The biggest must-have for partners of Imagen is an interest and proficiency in technology—all practice partners must utilize CAD/CAM and cone beam imaging or be willing to do so upon joining. “Technology unlocks practice growth and improves patient outcomes and their satisfaction with the treatment they receive,” said Rezwan Manji, Chief Executive Officer at Imagen. “We know from our research that high tech practices outperform others and, therefore, see this as an essential part of who we are as an entity.”

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