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Imaging Software that Creates an Efficiency in Your Practice


DEXIS Eleven Image Software is a successful aid throughout the diagnosis, planning, and treatment process. This imaging software is created on the DEXIS reputation of being user-friendly, and this latest version contains various workflow efficiencies. One of the most technologically advances features is Cloud Backup and CloudVu for easy, dependable storage and remote viewing.

The software’s exceptional interface and automation will help you easily navigate through X-ray procedures. It provides images instantly after exposure. If an image needs to be retaken, it can be done so immediately and in seconds. When the sensor detects radiation, the image is automatically saved, dated, tooth numbered, correctly oriented, and mounted, all instantaneously. Images are always conveniently displayed and easily accessible for each patient.

The most common tasks are done in two clicks or less, saving you a significant amount of time. Workflow is further simplified with drag-and-drop tooth numbering and the new history view, which allows you to sort a patient’s images for easy retrieval and ideal organization.

DEXIS imaging software allows you to hone in on areas of concern, apply image enhancements to highlight details, and add annotations to images for further diagnostic support. The clear and detailed images assists patients in gaining a more thorough understanding of the diagnosis and recommendations.

Sharing DEXIS digital images with patients, colleagues and insurance carriers couldn’t be easier. Not only are images organized, but they can be sent in a variety of ways.
As a powerful, centralized imaging hub for all patient images, DEXIS manages all digital images, including radiographs and photographs as well as CariVu images. The software seamlessly integrates with practice management programs, cameras, and select 3D systems to create efficiency for you and your team.


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