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Knowledge and Service at Your Fingertips


Knowledge and Service at Your Fingertips

The BISCO team, which is based in Schaumburg, IL, is dedicated to understanding and improving restorative dentistry.


Innovation aside, even the most advanced dental materials on the market would be useless without the knowledge of how to use them to their fullest potential.

Not unlike its winning team of go-to restorative products that work together to deliver excellent clinical results, BISCO harbors a human team of dedicated sales and customer service professionals who undergo extensive training—not only on the manufacturer’s key products and indications, but the restorative procedure itself.

Solving Clinical Problems Is a Team Effort

While the BISCO sales team is the first line of defense in answering doctors’ product-related queries and concerns, some questions require more of a team effort—for example, tapping into different tiers of knowledge offered by members of BISCO’s clinical, scientific, or R&D teams.

“I have called BISCO customer service on several occasions with product questions or order issues and have always found them to be friendly and attentive to my concerns,” said Dr. Martin. “My questions are answered promptly and always directed to the proper person.”

According to the manufacturer, when a doctor calls in with a question or an issue—whether they are a customer or not—the goal first and foremost is to solve their problem. “The BISCO sales and customer service team is great—they are knowledgeable about their products, always go the extra mile, and will not sell you products you don’t need,” added Dr. Pasenkoff.

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