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Instrument Processing Solutions from Midmark


Sterile instruments are key for patient and clinician safety. Midmark offers both cleaning and sterilization equipment to ensure your instruments are ready when you need them. If you’re considering changing or adding to your sterilization protocol, Midmark may have a solution that works for your practice.

Steam choices

Midmark offers dental professionals three models of steam sterilizers, all of which feature a steam-flush pressure pulse air removal system that ensures proper steam penetration.
The M11 is one of the largest tabletop sterilizers available and has programmable controls and preprogramed cycles as well as a patented, automatic-open door drying design that accelerates drying time. M9’s smaller footprint is ideal for smaller practices or for those with limited storage space, but it also has the automatic-open door drying design.
However, if you really need to reduce sterilization time, check out the M3, which completes its cycle for unwrapped instruments in six minutes and pouched instruments in just over 10.
To complement these choices, consider the VistaCool direct-to-drain system, which reduces the temperature of sterilizer wastewater, so you don’t need condensate bottles or tanks. Adding a system like this to your instrument processing protocol can save time and improve efficiency.

Ultrasonic choices

Ultrasonic cleaners use sound waves that form bubbles that remove debris. Midmark’s choices also use advanced frequency-leap technology that reduces standing waves to give you a through and consistent cleaning every time.
Midmark’s three QuickClean models are ready to go out of the box, so training time is almost nonexistent. Each has a digital LCD control panel, options for preset or customized settings, previous cycle memory and a fluid sensor that alerts the operator when there isn’t enough water in the bath.
The QC1 can hold 1.2 gallons, making it Midmark’s smallest ultrasonic option; the QC3 (which comes in a recessed option) has a 3.3-gallon capacity. The QC6 (which also has a recessed option) has a 6.6-gallon capacity.


Whether you choose an autoclave or an ultrasonic cleaner, each model will perform well and are easy to use for you team. They will help give you peace of mind that your instruments are safe for your use on the next patient.

Visit the Midmark website to learn more about these instrument processing choices, as well as Midmark’s sterilization cabinetry.

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