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Introducing Axsys’ Latest Milling Machine: The Versamill 5X500L


Introducing Axsys’ Latest Milling Machine: The Versamill 5X500L

Versamill 5x500L milling machineEarlier this year, we introduced readers to Versamill 5X450, a flexible and versatile chairside mill that is especially suited for the milling of all hard and soft materials—including titanium. Now, Axsys has another milling center in store for CAD/CAM dental professionals: the Versamill 5X500L, a purpose-built, open-source 5-axis mill that offers a reliable performance due to technology found in “full-frame” CNC industrial machines. This latest mill can accept input from popular dental design programs and process virtually any dental milling materials.

Below are some key highlights of this next-level mill that can elevate your ability to produce a wide range of fabrications with unprecedented accuracy in the fastest time possible.

The Most Powerful Spindle in Its Class

The Versamill 5X-500 features the German-made 60,000 rpm Sycotec 5060 AC spindle whose continuous duty (S1) rating for power is 3.0kW with a powerful 55Ncm of torque. A 6.0-mm clamping diameter, three0times ceramic hybrid bearings, and a non-liquid cooling system provide smooth operation with minimal run-out, deflection, and thermal expansion concerns.

Vibration-Free Operation Increases Accuracy and Speed and Eliminates Laborious Hand Finishing

Many key construction elements contribute to the mill’s vibration-free service: cast aluminum-alloy frame, heavy-duty rotary reduction gears, zero stack-tolerance drive systems, linear guideways, and 3-way hybrid ceramic spindle bearings.

A zero-point clamp provides for accuracy and reduced vibration of the included disc, block, clamp, and multiple pre-milled abutment fixtures. Driven by closed-loop servo drives, the ball screws with ball nuts eliminate backlash, providing maximum precision and repeatability. And the standard machine table features a sturdy design with maximum functionality, while rollers ensure optimum stability and easy movement if mobility is needed.

Expanded Range of Indications

Axsys’ new mill can design a full range of soft and hard materials, including inlays, onlays, coping, crowns, veneers, splints, and guides, as well as removable and fixed bridges, bars, models, implant abutments. It accepts block sizes up to 40-mm.

All chairside mill purchases from Axsys come with free training and support, as well as access to the largest template library on the market.

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