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Is Your Mask Ready to Take on Flu Season?


I was walking into the pharmacy the other day, and as two young men passed me, one said to the other, “Hey, I just got my flu shot. I didn’t even have to wait—it was so easy!” It struck me that thousands, if not millions of people are going to be doing that over the coming weeks, whether it’s at a pharmacy, doctor’s office, hospital, clinic, or even a grocery store. There are also millions who will not. And since they don’t wear a button or anything saying they did or didn't get a flu shot, you better be well prepared for flu season yourself.

As we all know, the flu is transferred by sneezing, coughing, and not washing hands. It is most virile within the first 2-4 days, and sneezing propels contaminated droplets up to 200 miles per hour!

That’s one of the many reasons dentists and hygienists wear masks, whether they are protecting themselves or their patients. If you’re shopping for masks, Medicom undoubtedly has the right one for you.

With the SafeMask line available in so many variations of styles, colors, and ASTM level standards covering everything you need from the hygiene operatory to the surgical theater, Medicom is a one-stop shop. They focus not only on meeting ASTM standards, but yours—for comfort, fit, and protection. They are breathable, gentle on your face, available with ear loops, cone-face style, or with an attached eye shield. SafeMask Guardian Earloop Mask has a patented antimicrobial/antiviral technology built into it that protects against MRSA, VRE, staphylococcus aureus, and both human and avian influenza. That might be a good one to read up on first. Click here for more information.  



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