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Why I Use Iveri Speed from Zest Dental


Why I Use... Iveri Speed

Professional, light-activated whitening system provides patients with an easy and convenient way to brighten their smiles at home

When guiding patients through their whitening options, dental teams should be able to offer a convenient yet highly effective system that patients can use on their own time. Iveri Speed from Zest Dental Solutions is a professional, at-home, light-activated whitening system with a detachable, reusable whitening tray. Here, Jean Ocasio, dental assistant and clinical coordinator at Advanced Esthetic Dentistry in Orlando, FL, shares why he recommends the user-friendly Iveri Speed to patients.

Iveri Speed Light-activated whitening system Many dental professionals use whitening systems that are complicated and have the potential to tie up staff time, chair time, or both. The Iveri Speed system arms providers with a quick and easy at-home whitening solution to offer their patients. It includes a high-intensity LED light and four 3.5-mL syringes—giving patients 8 to 12 treatments for maximum results.

The Iveri Speed at-home whitening gel contains 35% carbamide peroxide and includes potassium nitrate to virtually eliminate tooth sensitivity for all patients. This combination is strong enough to deliver maximum results, while preventing irritation or tooth sensitivity. Patients who have extrinsic stains from drinking wine or smoking may benefit from a stronger formula, such as 14% hydrogen peroxide, which is available in Iveri Refill Syringes.

Regardless of which solution is used, Iveri Speed offers ease of use and comfort to even the most sensitivity-prone patients.

Lighting the Way

Iveri Speed includes a battery-operated whitening tray connected to an LED light, which breaks down the whitening gel and enhances the bleaching process for immediate effectiveness. The LED light gently massages the teeth during the recommended 20-minute treatment, providing even coverage around the entire dentition. Since we began offering Iveri Speed, I have noticed an increase in case acceptance because, with the light feature, we are able to give patients something more than just a gel.

When patients come in looking for a whitening solution, we let them know up front that they can leave our office with the product in hand—there are no impressions necessary, and no need to come back for additional trays. After trying Iveri Speed, patients have been very satisfied with their brighter smiles. For these reasons, Iveri Speed is my go-to whitening product.

Iveri Speed at a Glance:

• This kit provides from 8 to 12 dual-arch treatments, based on how much gel is extruded

• The recommended treatment time is 20 minutes

• For additional results, treatment can be repeated by refilling the tray with more gel

Jean Ocasio

Mr. Ocasio earned his bachelor's degree in business administration and has a master's degree in healthcare administration. He began his dental career in 2000 after graduating from dental assistant school with the United States Navy in Wichita Falls, TX. He was then promoted to the position of Readiness and Productivity Petty Officer when he was assigned to the Dilorenzo Triservice Dental Clinic at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Since relocating to the Orlando area in 2005, Ocasio has worked in dentistry as a clinical coordinator, overseeing day-to-day clinical operations and facilitating ongoing training for dental assistants.

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