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Keep it Simple with the Futurabond U Single-Dose Delivery System


Futurabond U is a dual-cure adhesive that comes in a pretty cool two-chamber single-dose delivery system. VOCO America patented this delivery system, which eliminates any evaporation problems. The little two-chambered pack is activated by pressing on one end to squish the contents into another chamber, which mixes them. Then a single-use applicator is used to puncture that chamber, stir the contents around further until the color is uniform, and it’s ready to use.

No additional activators are required for self- or dual-cure materials. Futurabond U can be used in self-, selective-, and total etch situations, and bonds to all light-, dual-, and self-cure resin materials, as well as metals, ceramics, and aluminum oxide, without any extra primers. Futurabond U is also useful for repairing fillings, ceramic veneers, and all-ceramic restorations without needing additional primer. It is also indicated to protect hypersensitive tooth necks, glass-ionomer cement restorations, and for luting root posts, and sealing cavities before placing amalgam restorations. Its easy one-coat application results in virtually no postoperative sensitivity and permanent bond strength due to its reinforcing nano particles. You'll appreciate the simplicity, and reduced waste, of this innovative delivery system.

To read all about it, click here, where you will also find useful videos.

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