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Kettenbach Gets a New Look


Even after 75 years, Kettenbach continues to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes delivering dental impression and bite registration material, such as such as Panasil, Identium, Futar and Silginat, to clinicians. In fact, last year the company was named a Top 100 Innovator at the fifth German Mittelstands-Summit.

The company knows that like its products, so too must its branding evolve, and Kettenbach is now in the process of unveiling a new look and feel across all of its products, websites and materials.

Kettenbach’s updated logo leverages the core concept of the original, but puts a more contemporary spin on it that better reflects its growth in dental technology. Kettenbach also is using the circles from its logo to help communicate about its products. You’ll also see more reader friendly and engaging Kettenbach websites, with product information organized more intuitively, so you can find what you’re looking for faster.

Kettenbach will be displaying its new logo, along with product information, at CDA-Anaheim May 16-18. Make sure you visit their team at Booth #2131 and #640!

You may notice that quite a few brands have taken the opportunity recently to examine their branding and make some updates. According to Inc.’s article “Why 2019 Is the Year of the Rebrand,” many leading companies are looking to expand their connection with customers. When a company has a successful rebranding effort, the new look and feel, according to the article, “drives a company's innovation strategy and informs its culture, creating a positive feedback loop on the customer experience as a result.” 

Of course, even the best rebranding efforts are in vain if the product and service behind it are lackluster, but Kettenbach is committed to continuing to provide clinicians with the products they need to help patients achieve their best level of oral health.

You’ll see the new look soon at

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