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KöR Complete Desensitizer—Not Like All the Others


I confess, I just had to look up the word chelation. I’ve heard it before, but really didn’t know what it meant. I do now, and it’s what makes KöR Complete Desensitizer different. In a nutshell, rather than just clogging up open dentinal tubules, like other oxalate desensitizing products, KöR Complete reacts with and bonds to the hydroxyapatite molecule in the tooth structure. How does it do that? Chelation.

So now you have a durable compound of calcium oxalate salt crystals fused to peritubular hydroxyapatite that extends 7 to 12 microns into the dentinal tubules. The result is immediate closure of the tubules and relief from tooth sensitivity.

After 8+ years of research by Dr. Rod Kurthy, you might think that he and his team at KöR Whitening launched this desensitizer only to help manage the sensitivity some whitening patients experience. But you’d be mistaken. It can be used for just about any clinical application, including sensitive exposed root surfaces, general and local tooth sensitivity, during hygiene procedures and after periodontal surgery, and under temporary and final restorations. It can even be used to clean temporary cement from preps before final bonding or cementation.

And here are some benefits you’ll want to share with your patients:

And here are some benefits you’ll want to share with your patients:
•    May be used in the dental practice and dispensed to patients for at-home use
•    Improved taste
•    No gum irritation
•    No HEMA
•    No known potential for an allergic reaction  
•    Won’t interfere with the whitening process

You can learn more about KöR Complete Desensitizer here.

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