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Let’s Do the Twist…and a Whole Lot More!


In the era of composites and adhesives in dentistry, curing lights have become must-have tools in every practice. Luckily, they’ve made some pretty dramatic improvements in recent years. They are smaller, more lightweight, designed with LED technology, and more versatile.

One curing light in particular—the Radii Plus from SDI—has some pretty cool features, one of which relates directly to the title of this blog. The head of the light can be twisted 360 degrees to any position you need, making access to upper quadrants much easier. Upper quadrants are simple to access.

Here are some other features offered by the Radii Plus:

High intensity—1,500mW/cm2—for more efficient curing.

Less recharging that makes it possible to get 1200 ten-second cures per charge.

Cordless for more control and easy maneuvering.

Heat sink technology that eliminates the need for a noisy fan.

Built-in radiometer that allows you to do a simple test to make sure the light is working properly

Lightweight—177g/6.2oz—to eliminate user discomfort and fatigue.

Slim design and small tip for easy access in the posterior and when treating children or adults with small mouths.

In addition, the Radii Plus is versatile. It can be used for curing, whitening, and transillumination to aid in diagnosis. 

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