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The Life-Changing Potential of Zest’s LOCATOR Overdenture Implant System (LODI)


The Life-Changing Potential of Zest’s LOCATOR Overdenture Implant System (LODI)

LODI implant For many patients, replacing missing teeth not only restores them to function, but also resolves esthetic concerns and can have a profound impact on their self-confidence. Dr. David J. Martin, a clinician in Totowa, NJ, recently treated a patient who wore dentures for over 30 years. A total bite collapse had developed during that time, along with a decrease in her ability to chew. She also was afraid to go out in public because of the effect this had on her appearance.

By applying Zest’s LOCATOR Overdenture Implant System (LODI) to the patient’s upper canine region and lower arch, Dr. Martin was able to improve her chewing ability and esthetics, which boosted her confidence significantly. “It changed her life,” he said, adding that LODI has been his go-to attachment system for the last 8 years.

Getting Patients on Board

Dr. Martin knows that it isn’t easy for patients to commit to edentulous treatment, one of the top reasons being the precise impact it has on their appearance. For this reason, he makes sure to present the pros and cons of each treatment plan using a variety of patient education techniques. “I have models of the bars and locators so that patients can actually see and hold the dentures. They can feel the retention and how stable it is,” he explained. “I also have photos of previous cases and books about implants, which helps them better understand the treatment they are considering.”

A permanent, cost-effective, two-piece implant solution, LODI is for fully or partially edentulous patients who have anatomical limitations, are not willing or able to endure invasive surgery, decline bone grafting procedures, or cannot afford more expensive treatments. This implant-retained, tissue-supported overdenture option incorporates the LOCATOR Attachment System, available in narrow or standard ridge diameters.

Dr. Martin praised Zest for providing simple restorative solutions that he can offer to his edentulous patients. “The high-quality products provide me with multiple options for solving restorative problems, which has made LOCATOR the attachment of choice for me,” he concluded. 

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