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DenMat’s ViziLite PRO Oral Lesion Screening System utilizes the latest fluorescent technology to help enable the earliest discovery of potentially malignant and cancerous lesions. The device is easy to use and the patient will hardly even notice it’s there because of its compact size and efficiency.

The new and innovative fluorescence technology helps to greatly enhance the visualization of oral mucosa. Once the device is in use, its LED lights immediately illuminate the oral cavity. During this process, abnormal tissue will be darker in color compared to the brighter, healthier surrounding tissue. The contrast between healthy and abnormal tissue is easy to differentiate because ViziLight Pro is engineered to operate within the wavelength for optimal discrimination of oral lesions. Because of its design, the entire exam takes no longer than a minute, saving clinicians a significant amount of time and making detecting epithelial dysplasia seamless, even in its earliest stages.

DenMat also offers an optional camera attachment in case photo-documentation is important or useful to the dental professional. The device is cordless and its ergonomic handle makes for the utmost comfort for the clinician and is easy to navigate. ViziLite Pro is lightweight and operates quietly. Its battery is long-lasting with clinicians being able to perform over 100 examinations, which greatly improves efficiency in practice.

Not only is ViziLight Pro user-friendly, but it helps identify lesions before they become problematic. It is one of DenMat’s latest products for soft tissue management and helps to identify and control harmful oral abnormalities for patients.

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