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Look Out for New Eyewear from Palmero


Palmero Healthcare has all eyes on safety eyewear. That’s because the company, a leader in dental safety eyewear, is expanding its ProVision® line. New products that rolled out in mid-September.

In all, there are nine new choices for protecting your vision during procedures. The Allure™, Air™, Element™ and Clarity™ are wraparounds that come in lightweight or ultra-lightweight options, with the Clarity also having enhanced anti-fog technology. Meanwhile, clinicians with short temples can ensure a secure fit with another wraparound choice, the Flexiwrap™. For a higher-end choice, consider the Infinity™, a wraparound with anti-fog and anti-static features and a pantoscopic tilt with telescopic and ratcheting temple arms. The arms allow for a customizable fit and optimal comfort.

The Eyesaver Sleeks™ goggles, which can be worn over prescription glasses, and E-Z Focals™ bifocals, are noted for being slick and stylish.

The Econo Loupes, a lightweight alternative to traditional loupes, have a 50mm magnifying lens for a fully enhanced field of view. These loupes also reduce eye strain and increase visual precision.

Palmero encourages clinicians to select safety eyewear that protects them from blue light, as well as spray, splash, splatter and even projectiles. All of these risks can cause permanent damage to the eye. To help evaluate the right eyewear for you, Palmero also has four categories all of its eyewear meets—you just need to find the right style for you.

  • Certified: Meets industry standards and guidelines for lens, cornea and retina protection. Provides full coverage with wraparound. Is manufactured from high impact resistant materials and has lenses that filter out damaging blue light.
  • Clarity: Has excellent optics and superior lens design for visual acuity, plus features anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings.
  • Comfort: Comes in a broad range of frame, temple, and nose bridge styles to provide an individualized fit for all-day security and optimal comfort.
  • Compliance: Helps you adhere to safety protocols.

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