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Low-Maintenance Milling with Axsys’ Versamill 5X300D


Low-Maintenance Milling with Axsys’ Versamill 5X300D

Much like in-office milling, a successful CAD/CAM transition depends on input verses output. Without time, financial investment, and a will to master a new milling machine, dental teams won’t receive the ROI they hope to get from fabricating their own restorations. While purchasing any milling unit comes with its own set of requirements, some mills are lower maintenance than others, yet they still provide users with a seamless experience and highly accurate results.

Versamill 5X-300DHigh Quality, Small Footprint

The entry point into Axsys Dental Solutions’ Versamill compact-machine lineup, the Versamill 5X-300D masters conventional crown and bridge work as well as some complex fabrications from dry millable materials. This purpose-built, open-architecture, 5-axis dry mill can accept input from popular dental design programs and process virtually any dental milling materials—including wax, zirconia, acrylic, composites, PMMA, and more—with the minimum amount of bench time.

Every Versamill from Axsys is backed by an ROI guarantee and features a small footprint, providing an easy fit in nearly any practice. Each mill’s strength and rigidity, as well as the full 5-Axis machining capability, provides ideal surface finishes, fast cycle times, and great tool life. With the Versamill 5X300D, users can quickly manufacture restorations with razor-sharp margins and ideal fits, while sparing them excessive costs and machine hand work.

6 Quality Construction Features of the Versamill 5X300D

1. Aluminum frame provides rigidity required to absorb vibration and dissipate heat
2. Optional machine stand offers stability, storage, and mobility
3. Spacious work area for easy operation and part handling
4. Powerful, high-speed spindle (80,000 rpm, .5kW) delivers up to 8.4Ncm torque
5. 7-station automatic tool changer with tool breakage sensor and automatic tool length compensation
6. Precision ball screws with anti-backlash ball nuts along with linear guides and closed loop microstepper drives assure dynamic motion and positional accuracy

Visit the Axsys Dental Solutions website or call 855.687.7941 for more information on the Versamill 5X300D.

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