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Magnification Loupes Designed Specifically for Hygienists


Hygienists spend the better part of an hour leaning in to get a good look and work inside the mouths of dozens of patients a week. That takes a toll on their necks, shoulders, eyes—and pain-wise, their quality of life. The concern for ergonomics now has a strong foothold in the

dental profession, with maintaining neutral body posture the focus of many an article and product line. It is a fact that using properly fitted and optimized magnification devices improves ergonomics as well as productivity. Consider the RDH Elite Dental Hygiene Loupe from Orascoptic, designed specifically for hygienists, by hygienists. These loupes offer the ideal field size for identifying perio probe markings and finding calculus as well as caries. They feature lightweight frames and loupes (2.5 oz max for the flip-up style) at 2.5X magnification. The field width is 4 inches, and the field depth is 6 inches. Both working distance and declination angle are customized to each user. Interchangable temple tips and color emblems are available to keep things interesting. And they come with side shields, a head strap, a personalized storage case, and a cleaning cloth. To see the styles available and learn more, click here.  


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