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Make Smart Choices About Your Mechanics


Invest in the Right Equipment: Midmark

Dentist Mechanical RoomWhen you think about the items required to run a dental office, X-ray machines and cleaning tools may come to mind, but the behind-the-scenes machinery, such as air compressors and vacuums are just as important.

Don’t take the mechanical room for granted; it’s the heart and lungs of your practice.

This equipment powers your handpieces and suction. Did you know that if these pieces are showing signs of deterioration, it is likely your air and vacuum equipment should be looked at? If you wait too long and your mechanical room goes down, you can no longer perform exams and can lose billable work for a half day or more. Patients need to be sent home and rescheduled—and that’s a poor patient experience, which can have significant ripple effects.

How can you prevent this loss of productivity and potential poor word-of-mouth? Invest in the right equipment, get regular recommended maintenance and have backup systems in place. If you haven’t reviewed your mechanical room plans lately, do so with a reputable manufacturer. Your Midmark sales rep can help you design your equipment for your needs now—and for years from now.

Midmark’s energy-efficient mechanical room products can save you money while delivering superior performance.

If you’re paying your water, gas and electric bills, Midmark’s products can provide you with real energy savings that you can invest back into your practice. Even if your lease includes utilities, consider equipment replacement costs and how insufficient ventilation, excessive heat generation and moisture in the room will contribute to equipment wear. Accelerated wear means you’ll pay more in replacement costs over the years.

Midmark’s PowerAir® oil-less air compressors feature a 0.01-micron coalescent filter, far exceeding the required 5 micron. The PowerAir is designed to provide the ultimate in clean air—in fact, it filters out up to 99.9997% of compressed-air contaminants. That’s an important infection control measure when it comes to providing your patient clean air free of most germs.

The PowerAir models can accommodate from one to 10 users, and each unit comes with a 5-year product warranty, so you can feel confident the product will last. Accessories like lifting handles, control panels and more are available, too.

Midmark also manufactures fully warrantied, innovative vacuums for dental offices. If cost-savings is top of mind, consider using a dry vac, since it doesn’t use water. Midmark’s cost calculator can help you compare wet and dry vac utility costs based on your specific data.

  • The ClassicSeries® Wet-Ring Vacuum is an integrated high-output wet-ring vacuum with a space-saving, sound-reducing compact design. An innovative internal water recycling system (and the ability to bypass it) helps minimize fresh water consumption.
  • The waterless, oil-less PowerVac® offers exceptional power and performance (up to 18” Hg) without typical maintenance responsibilities, such as replacing filters or strainers. The PowerVac occupies a similar footprint to conventional wet-ring vacuums, yet it can replace a range of vacuum technologies, regardless of plumbing configuration, while keeping sound production to a minimum. It can be upgraded to accommodate up to 20 users.
  • PowerVac G Dry Vacuums have all features of the PowerVac with the added benefit of on-demand suction for maximum efficiency. Many vacuums operate at full force regardless of demand, but the PowerVac G variable speed drive gives you power on demand, generating less heat and using less electricity, all while maintaining a sound level as low as 48dBA. The PowerVac G uses up to 83 percent less electricity than other systems, while also reducing heat emissions by up to 30 percent compared to others.
  • PowerMax Surgical Vacuums live up to their name, providing the maximum amount of pure suction to meet the demands of oral surgery clinicians. Unlike typical dental vacuum systems that must continuously operate to provide instantaneous suction, the PowerMax powers on only when the supply tank is lower than the chair-side vacuum demand, a design that saves electricity and helps increase the system’s lifespan. This vacuum produces power of up to 21” Hg and features an easy-to-read vacuum gauge, vibration-isolating feet and 24V low-voltage operation. Plus, you can add on Midmark’s surgical recovery room package to effectively contain and manage oral cavity waste.

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