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Make Your Patients Comfortable Through Design


Not only does DEXIS Platinum deliver regarding its high-quality images, but it’s also a sensor you can trust regarding the comfort it will provide for all of your patients. Its TrueComfort design uses a unique, ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in the mouth and can be moved around more easily, even in hard-to-reach spots. The sensor’s design—including a smooth, rounded casing and beveled corners to ensure ultimate comfort—allows for easy movement about the mouth, making for more reliable and accurate X-ray procedures.

Because of its comfort and efficiency, the sensor takes the stress out of the procedure for the patient and clinician alike. Patient comfort throughout procedures helps to ensure the consistency of quality X-ray images on the first take. DEXIS Platinum’s thoughtful design is one of the main reasons as to why taking X-rays has become such an easy and timely process.

Nine out of 10 people prefer the comfort of DEXIS, putting it at the top of its class concerning comfort. DEXIS Platinum has undergone clinical trials on patients with varying anatomy, and the results pointed to DEXIS as the most comfortable sensor. It doesn’t matter whether patients have small or large mouths, shallow palates, tori, narrow arches, or strong gag reflexes—the sensor’s design accommodates all patients. Shelly Rice, RDH, said the DEXIS sensor “provides [her] with a way to capture great images while maintaining a high level of comfort which, in turn, lets [her] finish a radiographic procedure quickly.”

The various sensor design features are what make this product a patient-pleaser and a time-saver. DEXIS Platinum utilizes a one-size-fits-all model and its PerfectSize, single-sensor design provides a comfortable fit for everyone and less stress all around.

To learn more about DEXIS Platinum and the comfort it provides its patients, click here.

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