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Making Choices


A friend and I play a game sometimes when we’re waiting in line at a movie or in a restaurant for food. It’s called “forced choice.” For example, we might be standing in line at the concession stand in a movie theater and my friend will say, “Forced choice: Good & Plenty or Sweet Tarts,” knowing I hate both candies. I’ll choose Sweet Tarts and then she’ll say, “Sweet Tarts or licorice?” You get the picture. It’s a silly game, but it gets at the idea of choice. Who doesn’t like having a choice, especially when both choices are actually good (unlike my forced choice game)? Patients like it when you give them treatment options, right? They’re a part of the process. And you like it when your sales rep pays a visit and offers you some product choices. Again, you’re part of the process, making a decision on a product purchase based on your needs and preferences.

With all that in mind, you might want to check out the Midmark Choice Package where you can choose from chairs and seating, delivery systems and accessories, lights, and monitor mounts. For example, you can compare the UltraTrim and UltraComfort dental chairs. And for lighting, you have options that include LED and halogen along with a variety of mounting configurations.

So, unlike my forced choices (Good & Plenty or Sweet Tarts—yuck!), with the Midmark Choice Package, you really can’t go wrong.

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