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Spend Less Time Managing Your Multisite Practice


Spend Less Time Managing Your Multisite Practice

MapImagine what you could accomplish if your time and energy were unlimited. In theory, you could tackle every last project, hurdle every obstacle, and live out all your goals and visions. Unfortunately, the reality is everyone has their limits. In a dental practice, your focus and limited time can get pulled away from where it should be, and you aren’t able to spend as much time on your highest priorities—such as leveraging your experience to provide the best patient care and seeing the returns you anticipated.

Those who’ve worked hard to grow their practice, expand services, and add locations may find it particularly difficult to dedicate time where they’d like. Many find themselves struggling to get new office space and practice systems set up; working to manage IT resources; hiring, training, and managing people in different locations; or spending hours looking for efficiencies and ways to reduce costs. Basically, despite their success, they find themselves maxed out, drained, and unable to successfully devote enough attention to providing a great service.

Streamlining and Simplifying

If this is the case for you, then it’s likely you’re not leveraging the kind of technology that can help you manage your daily operation. Cloud-based dental software, such as Dentrix Ascend from Henry Schein One, allows you to simplify and streamline your management processes, and one way it does that is by offering visibility—making information available anywhere, anytime for multiple office locations. By allowing your team to see the same patient files, schedules, databases, and ledgers from any location, Dentrix Ascend will keep your multisite practice on the same page.

With a centralized and holistic management system, the practice can take advantage of a “portable” patient record that is accessible across locations, allowing patient details to flow seamlessly when patients are served at multiple locations. Patient records, health history, x-rays, consent forms, treatment plans, billing, and insurance information are all readily available at any of your locations for the applicable employees.

Organization Visibility

With the instant availability of information in the cloud-based software, dental teams can accomplish tasks such updating patient files and scheduling appointments much more efficiently. When a patient calls, you can see their file and the schedule for each office and provider, making it easy to find the next available opening. Of course, any changes to the schedule or a patient file are synchronized and immediately visible in all locations.

Oh, and don’t worry about what device you should be using to access the software—your team can use the Mac, PC, or tablet they’re already comfortable with, as long as it is connected to the internet. This flexibility means less time learning how to use a new device and more time using the software features.


To learn more about how cloud-based software can help you manage multiple locations, check out this free ebook.

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