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Meet the Evaluator: Irene Renieris, DDS


Name: Irene Renieris, DDS

Dental School: Indiana University School of Dentistry

Practice Location: Chicago, IL

Years in Practice: 14

Favorite Dental Product: Invisalign from Align Technology

I became a DPS evaluator because, after working in corporate dentistry for ten years, I now have my own practice and can finally select the products I want to use. I always make time to speak with the representatives from dental manufacturers when they come through my door. In turn, they bring me new products to test because they know I’m enthusiastic about trying new things. The best thing about evaluating products for DPS is that I sometimes get to experiment with new products before my colleagues even know they exist. It’s a great feeling to be well informed of the progression of our profession and its products.

I chose dentistry as a career because I wanted to provide a service that applies to everyone. I enjoy connecting with my patients and thoroughly explain the conditions of their mouths in ways that they can understand. My parents are of Greek descent, and I grew up translating for them at their doctor’s appointments. To a patient, dentistry is like a foreign language, and we need to ensure that they understand the details of their oral health by ‘translating’ dental terminology into language that the layperson can comprehend.

My time is spent volunteering on the Board of the Hellenic American Dental Society in Chicago. We are a group of dentists of Hellenic descent that meet regularly for continuing education. Each year, we find a different way to help our colleagues practicing dentistry in Greece by providing them with materials and/or finances to be able to offer dental service to the Greek Community.

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