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Meet the New Addition to BISCO’s THERA Family


The age of “drill and fill” is over, declares Dr. Rolando Nuñez, clinical research manager for BISCO. The Illinois-based company is continuing its search for new materials that are more compatible with tooth structure. This search includes new science and technology.

BISCO’s latest innovation is TheraCal PT, a dual-cured resin-modified calcium silicate. It’s used after partial or full removal of the coronal pulp, treats exposed dentin, and creates a protective barrier around the pulpal complex. TheraCal PT is formulated with synthetic Portland cement silicate particles in a calcium-releasing hydrophilic matrix.  BISCO’s calcium-releasing filler technology has opened doors for expanding the THERA family of products.

The family includes TheraCal LC,  a resin-modified calcium silicate pulp protectant and liner, and TheraCem, a unique self-adhesive resin cement that not only bonds to dentin and various substrates without etching or priming, but also releases calcium and fluoride1 into tooth structure.

The Foundation

To understand the evolution of the THERA family, harken back to the early days of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) as a revolutionary endodontic material for perforation repairs, apexifications, pulpotomies, and pulp capping. BISCO wondered if the same science could apply to restorative dentistry.

That question led to TheraCal LC, which provided a new resin and filler technology as a silicate pulp protectant and liner. TheraCal LC has a unique hydrophilic resin that allows calcium ions to be exchanged between the material and dentin structure, which encourages hydroxyapatite formation and a secondary dentin bridge.2,3

Dr. Jeff Peifer is a dentist who remembers the days of mixing a calcium hydroxide liner with a fluoride-releasing glass ionomer and placing it in small areas. Handling during this technique proved to be difficult, however. “Because of its syringes delivery, TheraCal LC is very easy to place and manipulate in small areas,” Dr. Peifer told Dental Product Shopper. He also liked that TheraCal LC is calcium-releasing4* with an alkaline pH. “This product gives me peace of mind when I have a deep cavity preparation,” he added.

TheraCal LC was designated a Dental Product Shopper “Recommended Product” by independent evaluators and tapped for an Evaluators’ Choice award in 2019.

TheraCal LC’s unique hydrophilic resin and filler technology led to the development of a second family member in TheraCem, a self-adhesive resin cement. After 30 minutes of polymerization, the material transitions from an acidic pH, needed for the initial bond, to a preferred alkaline pH5.

From a liner to a cement and now to pulpotomy treatment with TheraCal PT, BISCO has all the bases covered in restorative dentistry.

Learn more about the THERA family of products at Also, be sure to check out the full feature on the product line, including case photos and more peer-to-peer feedback, in the upcoming June issue of DPS.

* Bisco has, on file, the calcium release data for Theracal LC.

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