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Microcopy: A Proven Leader in the Dental Industry


You might be familiar with Microcopy Dental because of their popular NeoDiamond product line, which has bragging rights as America’s #1 selling diamond. But did you know that Microcopy’s NeoBurr and NeoDrys are both Dental Product Shopper ‘Best Products’? And many of their other non-diamond products have earned respectable awards in the industry, including Bite-Chek articulating film and Gazelle polishers.

Check out this list of prestigious awards that Microcopy has received in the last several years.

Top Diamond Single-Use Bur by Dental Advisor in 2017

Evaluators from Dental Product Shopper awarded NeoBurr the Best Product award in 2016

Doctors on Dental Town voted NeoDiamond and NeoDrys as the 2016 Townie Choice Award winners

Bite-Chek is tested by Clinician Report's Evaluators and is highly rated in 2015

Bite-Chek received Dentistry Today's Top 100 Products Award for 2015

Gazelle received Dental Advisor’s Top Composite Polisher Award for 2015

NeoDiamond received Dental Advisor’s Top Diamond Award for 2015

NeoBurr received Dental Advisor’s Top Carbide Award for 2015

And the list goes on…

Based on these awards, it seems that Microcopy has earned its reputation as a respected leader in the design and development of diamond and carbide burs and other products for the dental industry. Add Microcopy’s “no questions asked guarantee” to the mix, and we’ve definitely got a winner.

Check out Microcopy’s award-winning products here


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