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Instrument Processing Designed for Simplicity, Reliability and Patient Safety



Starting a new practice, upgrading an old office, or replacing an existing sterilizer? Midmark has got you covered.

Sterilizers are at the heart of any dental practice. Before procedures can begin, instruments must be cleaned and sterilized.Instrument sterilization is a simple process and Midmark is determined to keep it that way for you.

By focusing on the needs of dental practices and their teams, Midmark has designed equipment that is easy to learn, simple to use, and safe and effective for quickly sterilizing a broad range of instruments and handpieces.

Midmark sterilizers lead the market because of their elegantly simple design, unmatched simplicity and superior reliability. For decades, Midmark sterilizers have consistently delivered the quality, performance and cost effectiveness required to keep even the busiest dental practices operating at their full capacity.

Midmark Sterilizer Midmark sterilizers are also designed to deliver exceptional value each day through the low cost of operation and the minimal levels of training and maintenance needed to operate these units.

Designed not just to sterilize instruments, but to make the entire sterilization process more efficient and productive, Midmark sterilizers stand out as an exceptional choice for instrument processing.

Whether you are starting a new practice, upgrading an old office, or replacing an existing sterilizer, Midmark offers a variety of sterilizer units with capabilities to best match your needs. From quick turnaround to large capacity models, Midmark has an option for you. Trust Midmark to provide you with the certainty that your practice will be safe and compliant when it comes to practicing infection control and protecting the safety of your team and patients.

If you’d like to learn more about Midmark sterilizers and how they can make a difference in your practice, please visit

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