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Midwest Tradition Updates Put Ideal Handpiece Qualities within Reach


If you needed to purchase a new handpiece right now, at the start of a busy week, which qualities would be most important to you? If you think about it, the features that affect your experience as a clinician also affect the patient and vice-versa.

For instance, improved power helps the dentist complete the preparation more efficiently, which translates to less chairtime for the patient. Air-driven handpieces help to reduce noise and lessen patient anxiety, which in turn can help the dentist do their job more easily. Still, other features may be less apparent, like the ceramic bearing set. Compared to steel bearings, ceramic bearings not only lighten the handpiece but also help to reduce noise. A handpiece that has ceramic bearings also runs cooler, which extends the overall life of the bearing and can reduce costs associated with maintenance and repair.

Less noise, less hassle, easy maintenance… these are the qualities of an ideal handpiece, and they’re within reach with Dentsply Sirona’s recently upgraded Midwest Tradition and Tradition Pro handpieces, which provide significant power upgrades without requiring additional air pressure. Each handpiece needs to be maintained between patients; Dentsply Sirona's automate and air repair makes maintenance easy.

In total, 6 models are offered in the Tradition series, all with the distinctive Tradition grip, multiple chuck options, and upgraded power and sound. All models offer a rotor and ceramic bearing set that reduces noise and come with a one-year warranty, twice that of the classic Tradition. Fixed backend models deliver up to 25 W of power, which is 50% more than previous Tradition generations, according to the company’s data on file. Additionally, all-new solid glass fiber optics are designed to resist yellowing and improve light transmission.

The Tradition product line is comprised of the following models:

Why Midwest?

For nearly 100 years, dental professionals have relied on Midwest as a trusted partner, providing personalized service and solutions tailored to their specific practice needs. An established history and legacy of clinically proven products, along with excellent education, training, and customer responsiveness, makes Midwest an ideal choice for innovative and dependable handpieces and burs.

Dentsply Sirona Midwest stands by their products by offering a personalized, hands-on Midwest Air Repair Service, available to U.S. dental offices and dental institutions. Midwest will repair the handpiece with factory-warranty handpiece overhauls and turbine replacements. It’s a simple, easy-to-use process, and the fast turnaround time gets the handpiece back in the dentist's hand quickly.

To learn more about Midwest Tradition and other Dentsply Sirona air-driven handpieces, download the brochure.

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