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Minnow Fans, Raise Your Hands


The Minnow continues to wend its way into the hearts of clinicians looking for an economical, ready-to-use polisher. Here’s what a few of them told Microcopy about their go-to tool.

"Minnow— hardly little polishers. People seem satisfied with the surface polish delivered by them. Simple to use."
Dr. Robert Marley, Floria, IL

"Minnow is cost effective and easier to use."
Dr. Andrew Stewart, Fredricksburg, PA

"Minnows are able to get into places a lot of other instruments can’t get into. They have, for lack of a better term, anatomically correct instrumentation, which is a really big help. When I’m using the polishers near the gum line or in between teeth I can get the job done."
Dr. Hugh Flax, Atlanta

These clinicians already know that the Minnow’s small size gives users the agility to access pits, fissures and tooth anatomy that other, larger polishers just can’t reach when doing minimally invasive procedures.

Each Minnow polisher comes out of the package sterile and ready to use. The polishers require no messy paste, saving you dollars and time. You’ll save even more time by eliminating the cleaning and sterilizing processes.

The Minnow can be used as a one-step or two-step tool. Use as a one step for finishing off posterior restorations; use as a two step to bring anteriors to a high luster shine.

Despite its size, the Minnow packs a powerful punch, and comes in a variety of options. Choose from Satin or Hi-Gloss. Satin removes striations to give you shine in the posterior. Add to this, the Hi-Gloss when you need superior liquid luster restoration. For each option, you can also decide between the cup or flare design. Whichever you choose, the polisher won’t crumble or fall apart when you use it.

Will you be the next dentist singing the praises of Minnow? Learn more about it at

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