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Email Marketing: How to Easily Get More Patients in the Chair


Email Marketing: How to Easily Get More Patients in the Chair

After a challenging first half to a year that, in many ways, threw our lives and daily routines off balance, we’re all on a mission to regain our composure. For dental practices, that means not only communicating key information to patients about COVID-19-related protocols, but revamping marketing efforts to get more patients in the door and regain production lost during the temporary office closure.

Although email can be a highly effective tool for connecting with new and existing patients—with nearly everyone checking their emails every single day—simply growing your database of email addresses isn’t enough to grow your practice.

Email Marketing Strategies & Success

To increase retention and recalls, it’s important to keep patients in the loop with a steady flow of useful and engaging information, such as upcoming promotions, appointment reminders, birthday wishes, or incentives for happy patients to leave positive reviews. While that may seem like a daunting, time-consuming, and expensive task, it isn’t as tall an order as it seems. Rather than attempting it yourself manually or relying on marketing agency that does not specifically serve customers in the dental industry, many practices are using cloud-based software to organize, optimize, and automate their marketing campaigns to grow their patient base.

Demandforce by Henry Schein One is one the premier solutions. For nearly 20 years, this marketing, communications, and online reputation software has helped practices reach new patients, communicate and engage with existing ones, and reactivate lost patients through a robust portfolio of digital tools. While every practice has a unique set of goals, Demandforce allows dental teams to implement universally effective strategies into their individual practice marketing campaigns.

One of these strategies is sending relevant content to patients and potential patients that they can easily relate to. For example, creating targeted, segmented groups based on specific factors like age or location, and then customizing messages for those groups increases the likelihood of engagement. Along with targeted emails, practices should consider on what devices users will view these emails, as research shows that most people will delete emails that are not mobile-optimized.

Ready for more email marketing strategies? Download The 5 Principles of Effective Email Marketing eBook here to learn how Demandforce helps dental teams streamline and increase the effectiveness of their practice marketing campaigns.


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