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Natural Desensitizer Soothes Sensitive Teeth Fast


Who would have thought the body’s strongest substance, hydroxyapatite (the mineral found in enamel and dentin), would be its best and gentlest defense against tooth sensitivity? Kuraray America’s approach to treating sensitivity is to create hydroxyapatite. Kuraray America’s Teethmate Desensitizer is composed of two different types of calcium phosphates that, when mixed with water, react to form hydroxyapatite. The result is a mildly alkaline product that is easy to apply to teeth before bleaching or scaling/root planing, exposed cervical dentin, and dentin prepared to support prosthetics—without isolation, without irritating the tissues, and equally safely in adults and children.

Teethmate Desensitizer consists of a powder and a liquid that when mixed together, easily penetrate and seals dentinal tubes and enamel cracks as it crystallizes to form hydroxyapatite. Its ratio of calcium and phosphate ions creates a hydroxyapatite that is so biocompatible it acts as if it were the patient’s own. It does not contain any glutaraldehyde, gluten, methacrylates, or colophony resins, making it highly biocompatible with no gingival irritation. You don’t have to air dry or light cure it. It has no interaction with adhesives, and covers the dentinal tubules or enamel cracks with no appreciable film thickness. It takes 30 seconds to apply, and relief from sensitivity is immediate and long lasting. Although it’s not usually necessary, Teethmate Desensitizer can be reapplied if there is remaining or subsequent sensitivity.

Teethmate Desensitizer makes addressing tooth sensitivity simple and effective for dentists and hygienists in everyday practice. 

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