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Need a New Bonding Agent? 5 Reasons to Check Out OptiBond Universal


Bonding is a crucial step in a complex procedure. Poor adhesion can lead to a number of problems, including debonding, marginal leakage, staining, and postoperative sensitivity. At the end of the day, dentists want a simple, convenient product that can produce reliable bond strength to all surfaces and substrates, in any etching technique. They also want the peace of mind that the restoration won’t fail, and the patient won’t experience postoperative sensitivity.

Kerr Restoratives took these needs into account with the release of OptiBond Universal. We know there are many bonding agents to choose from, but OptiBond Universal should get the attention it deserves after earning a score of 4.7 out of 5 on a Dental Product Shopper evaluation.

Here are 5 reasons to check out OptiBond Universal:

1. Simplicity – One bottle and one coat. The primer, adhesive, and etchant are all combined in one solution. This advanced technology forms the basis of the formula, meaning one coat is all you need for your procedure.

2. Versatility – As KaVo Kerr notes, reconstructing the tooth structure involves different substrates with different peculiarities and challenges. OptiBond Universal offers the possibilities of total etch, self-etch and selective etch in just one bottle. Unidose is also offered as a delivery option.

3. Protection –  OptiBond Universal uniformly covers the cavity with its low-viscosity and hydrophilic properties. Its technology delivers excellent penetration into dentinal tubules, ensuring protection against microleakage and post-operative sensitivity.

4. Strength – OptiBond Universal provides higher levels of bond strength in comparison to other universal adhesive systems on dentine and enamel, according to KaVo Kerr. This creates maximum flexibility with excellent results under different gel etchant modes, according to the manufacturer’s internal testing data. In an interview with DPS, Charles Christianson, Global Product Manager for OptiBond Universal, said, “I should note that our bond strength testing with OptiBond Universal has been fantastic. I believe the market standard is 21 MPa, and OptiBond Universal is well above that.”

5. Legacy – The OptiBond family of dental bonding agents has a 20-year legacy and has earned a reputation for excellence. The chemistry has stood the test of time and improvements continue to be made.  

What’s In the Technology?

OptiBond Universal’s formula includes GPDM monomer  and Ternary Solvent System (TSS) for better etching and adhesion. This technology effectively penetrates and seals the dentinal tubules, providing protection against microleakage and post-operative sensitivity. OptiBond Universal’s nanoetching capability is designed to provide more effective enamel etching, creating a deeper etched surface for higher mechanical retention. The Ternary Solvent System includes alcohol, acetone, and water: water for enhanced etching and wetting; acetone for enhanced stability; and alcohol to contribute to compatibility and prevent phase separation.

Learn More

In the e-book “Universal Composites & Universal Bonding Agents,” Dr. Scott Coleman reviews multiple direct procedures with anterior and posterior case studies. Harmonize Universal composite and OptiBond Universal take center stage. Download the ebook.

For an even closer look at OptiBond Universal, visit Kerr Restoratives’ booth at the Greater New York Dental meeting, booth #4818.

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