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Why I Use Lighthouse 360 from Henry Schein One


Why I Use... Lighthouse 360

Simplifies and automates patient communication so dental teams can focus on creating an outstanding patient experience

Lighthouse 360, a Henry Schein One service, is an all-in-one automated patient communication software that seamlessly integrates with a dental office's practice management system to save time, maintain a full schedule, and keep the front desk running smoothly. Sandy Syring, an office manager in Bridgeton, NJ, has been using Lighthouse 360 for the past 4 years. Here, she tells DPS why she believes the software is a front office must-have that simplifies patient engagement while keeping the practice schedule full.

Lighthouse Logo by Henry Schein One In today's practice climate, part of providing an outstanding patient experience is maintaining contact with patients both inside and outside of the operatory, and Lighthouse 360 has made our practice so much more efficient when it comes to communicating with our patients.

Before using Lighthouse 360, we only used phone numbers and emails to reach our patients, which, in our increasingly text-centric culture, caused a considerable lag time in responses. Lighthouse 360 allows us to contact patients through their preferred modes of contact— whether that be via text, email, phone, or a combination of the three. This ensures that we are able to reach patients in a more timely manner.

Keeping the Schedule Full

Lighthouse 360 makes it easy to keep our schedule as full as possible. The software's Fill-In two-way text feature is an excellent way to contact patients when there is an opening in the schedule to fill. When we get a cancellation in our schedule, the software automatically sends a text to patients who are past due for appointments. This saves us so much time, and often we are able to refill a canceled appointment that same day.

Constant Communication

Lighthouse 360 keeps track of patients who haven't visited our office recently so that we can make the proper reactivation efforts. The software also makes it supereasy to contact all of our active patients about promotions we're having, to remind them to use their insurance before the end of the year, or even to wish them a happy birthday. All of these outreach efforts make the front office job so much easier by ensuring that no patient is ever forgotten. And even when patients themselves forget about an appointment, Lighthouse 360 sends them a reminder so that they can easily reschedule.

We highly recommend Lighthouse 360 to any dental practice. Their customer service is great, and they have addressed any problems we've had quickly and efficiently. That said, we haven't had many problems at all!


Sandy Syring has been in private practice for almost 25 years and is currently the office manager for Shanker Dental in Bridgeton, NJ. The practice has been dedicated to providing quality restorative, preventive, periodontics, and cosmetic dentistry since 2011

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