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OKTAGON Implant System: Tapered Implants Spotlight


OKTAGON Implant System

Grade-4 pure titanium tapered implant system with sandblasted, acid-etched surface offers general dentists a clinically effective option at a fair price

A major barrier that keeps many general dentists from offering implant services is, of course, cost. Without the implant specialization under their names, they often don’t build up enough implant appointments to justify the purchase of costly implant materials for their practice. As a result, many GPs gravitate toward lower-cost implants, but this raises the question: Does low cost equal low quality?

Dental Ratio's Oktagon Dental ImplantAn Affordable Alternative

DENTAL RATIO has a solution that gives dentists and patients the best of both worlds. A Germany-based dental company that has been in the market for nearly 15 years, DENTAL RATIO delivers clinically effective implants that are sold at affordable prices exclusively through Henry Schein Dental.

The company stays at the forefront of implant innovations while controlling overhead. Rather than invest in the development of a new implant technology, DENTAL RATIO has taken what’s already been proved to work and created its own implants inspired by the same high-quality design as leading implants on the market, but at a fair price.

One of DENTAL RATIO'S bestselling items, the OKTAGON Implant System combines simplicity with versatility, and is available in Bone Level Tapered, Bone Level, and Tissue Level. OKTAGON implants are made from Grade-4 pure titanium that is sandblasted with large grit sand and then acid-etched. The company's HEXAGON implants offer flexibility when dealing with soft or dense bone; and the TRITAPERED implants provide a range of tapered implant diameters and a predictable tri-channel restorative interface.

All 3 implant lines feature a variety of diameters, lengths, and designs to meet a variety of clinical needs.

DENTAL RATIO customers appreciate the ability to give budgeting patients a moneysaving alternative that provides the implant stability and long-term success they need.

3 Top-Tier Implant Lines


• Available in tissue level, bone level, or bone level tapered

• Sandblasted, acid-etched surface

• Produced by Meisinger and manufactured in Germany from grade-4 titanium


• Internal hex connection secures interface between abutment and implant

• Resorbable Blast Media textured surface

• Manufactured in the U.S. from grade-23 titanium alloy


• Provides variety of tapered diameters along with the familiar and predictable tri-channel restorative interface

• Resorbable Blast Media textured surface

• Manufactured in the U.S. from grade-23 titanium alloy

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