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Once and Done—the Midwest Once® Helical Diamond


Dentsply Sirona Midwest has expanded its Midwest Once® Sterile Diamond burs to include a new super-course-grit bur called the Midwest Once® Helical Sterile Diamond. The helical design of the diamonds embedded on the bur shank provides a clear, diamond-free path for optimal debris collection and removal. The unobstructed path allows for water spray to rinse debris away from the surface while it aids with water cooling.

Individually sterile and packaged eliminates the sterilization process, so unused burs can be stored in the operatory without being compromised and improves patient safety by eliminating the risk of patient-to-patient contamination. All Midwest Once burs are sterilized with gamma radiation to reduce degradation of the cutting surface. They meet the criteria of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation for single-use items to help reduce infection control concerns. It is advised that dental burs be removed before disassembling handpieces to avoid injuries and the potential for exposure to patient blood and saliva. Simply dropping them into a sharps container eliminates many of the steps involved in instrument processing.

Because they are single use, practitioners never have to worry about a reduction in cutting speed or the diamonds becoming dull, therefore reducing the need to change a worn bur in the middle of a procedure. The burs are always sharp, so they are always at optimal cutting efficiency. Sharp burs are also less likely to get stuck, slip, or damage handpiece chucks.

Midwest Once Sterile Helical Diamonds are available in 38 different shapes and sizes, one of the widest ranges of spiral diamond shapes on the market. Dentists typically use Midwest Once Sterile Helical diamonds for crown and bridge procedure gross reduction, as well as for removing or cutting through zirconia crowns to gain access for endodontic procedures.

Clinicians can depend on Midwest Once Helical diamonds to provide efficient, smooth cutting while saving time and money when it comes to instrument processing.

To help you choose which Midwest burs are right for you, download the Midwest Bur Advisor, a virtual bur wallet and utilities program. Click here for the app.

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