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One Practice, Two Dentists, and a Core Group of Products


In a typical day in Dr. Jeffrey Nickas’s busy dental practice, the schedule is packed with a variety of direct and indirect restorative cases that he and his partner divide. Ample time is given to treatment planning, but one thing they don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about is material choice. That’s largely thanks to the reliability of one manufacturer.  

As standalone products, BISCO materials offer excellent performance, as dentists have verified in independent evaluations. When used together, BISCO products are chemically compatible, which can impact workflow and efficiency. That’s what makes BISCO’s armamentarium the so-called “Dream Team.” 

For Dr. Nickas, BISCO’s Dream Team provides ample solutions for everyday dentistry, which comprises the majority of his practice, as opposed to “flashy” magazine dentistry.  

“That’s not to say we don’t do esthetic work, anterior work, implants, and All-on-4 cases, but those aren’t everyday cases,” Dr. Nickas explained.” The schedule is dynamic, including our hygiene schedule. Things change so much, so it really is helpful to just have a certain set of products that work well together.”

Predictability also matters to Dr. Nickas when he’s training a new staff member. “It gets confusing when you start to add too many products, not only for the dentist but also for the assistant... Once you figure out what you want to use and how, you should have confidence in your products, and how they are working for you. I have that peace of mind with BISCO products.”

The practice schedule proves that to be true. In a just-published e-book, Dr. Nickas walks through his schedule, as well as his partner’s schedule. In addition to explaining the treatment plan for each case, Dr. Nickas identifies which BISCO products he uses and why.  For instance, the light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate liner, TheraCal LC, that he uses to treat an 88-year-old patient with root caries, is the same material his partner uses later in the day when treating a 5-year-old patient in need of composite restorations.

One of Dr. Nickas’s favorite products is Z-Prime Plus, an "incredible" metal primer that offers excellent adhesion to zirconia and has become his go-to for crown deliveries. Another favorite is TheraCem, a dual-cured, self-etching cement that offers "incredibly easy" cleanup. Meanwhile, BISCO’s “workhorse” products, All-Bond Universal and Select HV Etch w/ BAC, are used in tandem in nearly every procedure.

Scheduled or unscheduled, each case presents a challenge or problem that BISCO’s Dream Team overcomes. Read about more real-life cases by downloading the e-book.

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