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Incorporating Orthodontics into Restorative Practice


Provide conservative routes to an optimal outcome by Incorporating Orthodontics into Restorative Practice

Dentists usually have go-to methods for diagnosing and treating certain cases.

However, these approaches are often biased toward their particular skillset and prior experience. To deliver the best standard of care across a spectrum of cases, it’s important for clinicians to develop a broader understanding of dentistry. By expanding their knowledge base to encompass a range of specialties, dentists can ultimately expect better treatment outcomes and healthier, more satisfied patients.

Orthodontics is one such specialty that can greatly benefit any dentist, especially when it comes to planning restorative treatments.

While many practitioners now provide treatments such as Invisalign, AACD Accredited Member Sal Lotardo, DDS, recommends that limited fixed orthodontics should also be within scope for general dentists. Regardless of whether a dentist intends to offer orthodontic services in their practice or refer patients out, effectively integrating orthodontics into treatment planning can keep patients more informed, inspire case acceptance, and promote successful outcomes.

In dealing with any case, it’s important to understand what treatment options are possible, the limitations and advantages of each, along with potential alternatives. Dr. Lotardo suggests that, as dentists formulate their treatment decisions, they should ask themselves, “how can I deliver the outcome that will meet the expectations of the patient in the least invasive way possible?” For example, in complex cases, orthodontics can provide the most conservative route to an optimal outcome—a way to create ideal occlusal and esthetic results without extracting teeth and with minimal to no preparation.

In the AACD Virtual Campus course, The Orthodontic-Restorative Connection, you’ll learn the many benefits of multidisciplinary dentistry as Dr. Lotardo takes you through the process of adding orthodontic treatment options to your practice. The first lesson of this 17-lesson course can be viewed here.

If you enjoy this first lesson, please visit the AACD website to become a member and access the remaining lessons and earn CE for viewing the course.

As a member, you can explore the wealth of resources the Virtual Campus has to offer including courses, whitepapers, and on-demand content from AACD Scientific Sessions, with new content added every month.

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