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Palmero’s Happy Face Gets a New Look and Companion


If you’re a longtime Palmero Healthcare customer, you are likely used to service with a smile—namely the Happy Face design that has become an integral part of Palmero’s  Cling Shield® x-ray apron brand. You may have seen the upbeat design on their aprons with the iconic blue and white stripes behind it.

According to Palmero president Karen Neiner, the “Happy Face” has been, and continues to be, a best seller. Many clinicians, especially those who work in pediatric offices, have come to rely on it because it puts children at ease, she said.

However, after 30 years of using the design, Neiner said Palmero thought the Happy Face could use a refresh. The company put a contest challenge out to a graphic design platform earlier this year. The idea sounded simple enough—update the existing Happy Face using the digital emoji style as an inspiration. Neiner said she and her team thought it might be a style that resonated with clinicians and patients alike.

Designers around the world entered their designs in the contest, and Palmero received more than 75 submissions, making selecting a design a challenge itself. The winner, who received a cash prize for his efforts, and his design, which will now be known as the “Smiley,” is now available in 3 unique Palmero’s  Cling Shield® child x-ray apron styles . 

If you’re looking to update your aprons with the new design, you can now purchase new aprons on the Palmero website. “Smiley” is available  in both the lead-free and lead-lined slate blue vinyl versions of the:

Neiner said Palmero is excited to roll out its new design and get feedback from customers.  She pointed out that the tried-and-true “Happy Face” design isn’t going away—it will still be available, too.




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