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Paradise Dental Technologies introduces First Implant-Specific Maintenance Instruments


The new instruments available through Paradise Dental Technologies were designed by Dr. Alfonso Pineyro, a prosthodontist, specifically for cleaning around dental implants. In many cases, these unique instruments make it possible to leave hybrid prosthetics in place during hygiene treatment, which saves time and eliminates a lot of frustration for both patients and practitioners.  

The Pineyro Arch Kit instruments are not sharp and can be used to painlessly retract the gingiva and debride both the prosthetic and the implant without damaging implant surfaces. The instrument tips are flat rather than sharp so cleaning under gaps and cantilevers can be done without excessive force and with minimal-to-no patient discomfort.

Dr. Pineyro notes in a video on the Paradise Dental Technologies website that all other current implant instruments are basically just modifications of those originally designed for use on natural teeth. Being manufactured out of titanium is the only difference that makes any of them “implant specific.” Having experience with struggling to choose the right instrument to use, and hearing the same from many hygienists, inspired Dr. Pineyro to develop the Pineyro Arch Kit and a new implant maintenance protocol.

The Pineyro Arch Kit comes with four instruments. The Pineyro Arch Ti 1 is designed to be used in the anterior. Rather than starting in the back of the arch, the Pineyro protocol is to first complete cleaning the entire anterior area, both the mandible and maxilla. The Ti 1 is angled to reach the area where patients develop the most calculus, which is the lingual of lower anterior. It has a semicircular shape designed to fit around the abutments and the framework and can be locked in place, allowing for better cleaning of the area. Its semicircular shape enables it to clean all types of circular-shaped abutments, with either a rotating or up-and-down motion.

Next, the Pineyro Arch Ti 2 is used to clean the entire posterior region, both upper and lower, left and right. Pineyro Arch Ti 3 is designed with a slightly different angulation to access hard-to-reach mesial and distal areas. It is intended to be used after the other two instruments to confirm that any difficult-to-reach areas have been thoroughly debrided.

The Pineyro Arch Ti 4 is a completely different shape. It is flatter so hygienists can reach underneath tissues between the prostheses, especially useful in cantilever areas. Other instruments do not allow access to this tight space for removing debris and calculus.

If a multi-unit prosthetic has been removed due to poor home care, the Pineyro instruments are easily adapted for cleaning ledges of calculus from around all the components.

The Pineyro Arch Kit instruments eliminate having to remove the entire restoration every time the patient comes in for a cleaning appointment. Removing full-arch prostheses is cumbersome and increases the potential for losing screws. Hygienists who have tested the new instruments say they save time and make hygiene procedures for implant patients much easier.

Read the recent Dental Product Shopper reviewers’ comments on this new line of instruments and visit Paradise Dental Technologies to download the Pineyro Arch Kit Protocol.

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