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Give Yourself the Gift of PDT’s Instrument Resharpening Program


reduce expenditure of time and effort With PDT’s sharpening program

PDT's sharpening program flyer Dull dental instruments can be a liability for both the patient and the clinician.

As they dull, dental instruments become less effective. Dullness impacts their ability to remove deposits, can cause discomfort for patients, can increase practitioner hand fatigue by increasing the time and effort it takes to perform procedures, and can reduce tactile sensation. Another problem caused by dull instruments is the burnishing of calculus deposits, which makes the calculus more difficult to detect at subsequent appointments. This is why manual scalers and curettes should be sharpened on a regular schedule, not just when the user thinks they may be losing their edge.

Practitioners can sharpen their own instruments during down time, and may need to in the middle of or between appointments sometimes unexpectedly, but what could be better than having a professional performing that task on a regular basis? Imagine just reaching for a perfectly and properly honed instrument with confidence that it is in the best condition possible.

Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT) employs the finest craftspeople in their instrument sharpening department.

They have the skill and knowledge to transform instruments that have lost their edge into like-new condition. You can be assured that the original edges will be restored to the sharpness the instruments had when they first left the PDT factory or other manufacturer. PDT instruments can last longer than other instruments, and with the appropriate care, PDT wants practitioners to continue to experience that same, like-new sharpness throughout the life of any instrument. 

Because every dental practice’s needs are different, the PDT sharpening program offers five levels of membership, from annual enrollment to pay-as-you-go. Benefits of annual membership include increasing numbers of processed instruments per year as well as free shipping. And the service is fast: instruments will be sharpened and shipped back out within 3 business days.

With PDT’s sharpening program, you can reduce your expenditure of personal time and physical effort while protecting your instrument investments and keeping them in optimal shape. To review the program levels and benefits, plus sign up for the program, click here.

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