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The Digital Dental Camera Designed for Perfect Pictures and Practice Safety


The Digital Dental Camera Designed for Perfect Pictures and Practice Safety

Eyespecial III intraoral camera Digital photography presents dental practices with innumerable opportunities. Not only do high-quality images allow clinicians to document cases with true-to-life accuracy, but they can also streamline and improve communication between professionals and patients. From diagnosis and treatment planning to patient education and social media marketing, digital photography can enhance virtually every aspect of the profession.

While practices of all specialties can benefit from integrating digital photography into their workflow, many remain reluctant. For some, it’s the misconception that photography is not a necessary part of dental practice—especially outside of "high-end" esthetic dentistry—that keeps them from adding a camera to their armamentarium. However, numerous experts agree that photography is essential to a modern standard of care, even for general practitioners1. Other barriers to adoption include a lack of familiarity with photographic equipment and technique, as well as feelings of intimidation when it comes to using new technology2. Thankfully, Shofu Dental Corporation offers a solution that can help practices overcome these common challenges. Designed exclusively for dentistry, the EyeSpecial is an award-winning, smart digital camera that makes it easy for the entire team to take perfect pictures every time—no expertise or experience required. 2020 marks the EyeSpecial’s sixth consecutive year as winner of the Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award, a testament to its legacy of innovative design and continuous role in shaping contemporary dental practice.

The EyeSpecial’s brilliance lies in its ability to deliver reliable results, right out of the box. With a single touch, activate any of the camera’s 9 preset dental shooting modes to match a myriad of clinical situations. Shooting modes include Standard, Surgery, Mirror, Face, Low Glare, Whitening, Tele macro, Isolate Shade, and the all-new Movie mode which allows for up to 10 minutes of video/audio capture for in-depth function and motion analysis. The EyeSpecial automatically calibrates f-stop, shutter speed, and flash intensity. It also features auto-cropping, smart focus, and zoom, alongside a cutting-edge FlashMatic system which blocks out ambient light for true-color reproduction. An ultralight (less than 1 lb), ergonomic design also means that the EyeSpecial can be operated with one hand, so full case documentation can be completed by a single team member.

Even amid growing concerns for practice safety, Shofu’s EyeSpecial helps maintain an infection-free office environment. The camera’s large LED/LCD touchscreen can be operated with gloved hands so staff can fully comply with PPE protocol. The EyeSpecial is also water- and chemical-resistant, making it easy to wipe down and disinfect between uses, preventing cross-contamination. With the EyeSpecial, you never have to compromise the safety of your patients or staff to take great photos and deliver exceptional care.

To learn more about the EyeSpecial digital dental camera and how it can change the way you practice, visit Shofu’s website.


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