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Pioneer of Perio Protect to Speak at CDA Presents 2016


Dr. Duane Keller Presents at CDA Presents 2016: Kill' em Quick, Dead and Often

Course from Dr. Keller At first glance, the name of this course could be lyrics from a Johnny Cash songand the outlaw is periodontal disease! "Kill 'em Quick, Dead and Often: Managing Biofilms for a Firm Gingival Foundation" hosted by Dr. Duane Keller of Perio Protect was part of CDA Presents 2016. The lecture took place Friday, May 13, 2016 in the Anaheim Convention Center.

When writing about Perio Protect in the DPS Best Products issue in March, I learned that Dr. Keller developed this solution for his mother who was struggling with periodontal disease. She had success with one surgery, but refused a second because it was too painful. She asked him to find another way, and he did. 

The Perio Tray delivers oxidizing and oxygenating agents deep into periodontal pockets, and patients use it for just minutes each day. Research shows the Perio Protect approach produces better results than scaling alone. The patient simply puts the hydrogen peroxide gel into the Perio Tray and wears it for a few minutes per day. The peroxide, when delivered and held in place with the Perio Tray, debrides and cleanses the oral wound, changing the microenvironment to promote healing in the region. 

Dr. Keller's course taught attendees how Perio Protect treats the cause of the disease for faster, more comfortable future cleanings, fresher breath, whiter teeth, and pink, healthy gums. Today, Dr. Keller is the Chief Scientific Officer for Perio Protect LLC, which went to market with its FDA-cleared Perio Tray in 2005. He has lectured to national and international audiences for more than 20 years, and has published more than 35 articles in professional journals. He has also patented numerous dental appliances and treatment methodologies. 

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