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Preventing Cavities with Prevent Seal


Prevent Seal from Itena North America is a self-etching sealant intended to be used as a preventive measure in patients with a higher risk for developing cavities. It works by sealing the occlusal pits and fissures in permanent teeth with a waterproof layer of resin. This protects the tooth surfaces in patients with teeth that are difficult to clean, preventing bacteria from penetrating.  

Prevent Seal is a self-etching sealant, so all you have do is clean the tooth, apply it, and light cure! It’s a real time saver by eliminating the etching and rinsing. This sealant is a composite resin and, therefore, is compatible with all other available composites.

Prevent Seal's user-friendly and efficacious properties have been confirmed by studies done at the University of Marseille (France) School of Dentistry. 

Prevent Seal is unique in many aspects and has several advantages: 

* Excellent bonding strength on enamel—for a long-lasting seal.

* Flouride-release—for the ultimate protection against tooth decay.

* No etching or rinsing—saves you time and makes it easier to use on children.

* Simple and precise application via syringe delivery.

* Optimal fluidity—allowing the sealant to spread perfectly into the anatomy of the tooth.

* Supplied with pointed brushes (to clean the pits and fissures) and extra-fine needle tips (for precise application).



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