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Procuring Better 3D-Printed Parts with Pro Cure


Are you ready to get serious about 3D printing in your dental practice in 2019? To procure better parts in less time, you’re going to have to check out an automated post-processing unit. SprintRay, the makers of the MoonRay 3D printer, will be releasing their own unit, Pro Cure, in early 2019.

Below are 5 FAQs about post-processing technology and why it’s important to have a unit alongside your 3D printer:   

What is a post-processing unit?

With modern technology, a post-processing unit offers an array of high-powered LEDs in a convection heating chamber that’s designed to deliver better parts in less time.

How can a 3D-printed part be “better”?

Think of musicians who have just recorded a studio album. They don’t take the raw track and release it to their fans. Instead, they mix, master, and process the tracks. It’s a similar concept with post-processing. By putting your 3D-printed parts in the post-processing unit, you’re maximizing the cross-linking and mechanical properties of the resins in your prints. 

What sets Pro Cure from SprintRay apart from other post-processing units? 

Pro Cure is designed to be highly efficient at the touch of a button. It's also compatibile with most dental 3D printing resins and has a 30-arch capacity. It distributes 72 W of curing power with 8 sets of high-output, LEDs and omni-directional reflective surfaces for excellent curing speed. The 405 nm wavelength helps ensure that your 3D-printed parts are fully cured each time. Central to the unit is the sensor-controlled convection heating chamber that creates an ideal environment for rapid, thorough curing. It has a digital thermostat and 360-degree reflective interior.

What are the other advantages of Pro Cure?

Pro Cure is designed to take the guesswork out of post-processing. It has a USB interface that allows you to easily add new curing profiles as materials are released. It offers user-replaceable LEDs and solid aluminum panel construction for dependability and convenience. Another convenient feature is the 3.5-inch touchscreen programmed with a range of one-touch settings. 

The unit itself has a cubic footprint, measuring 11 inches on each side, and weighs just 12 pounds. This makes it lightweight and portable, if necessary. But at the pricepoint of just under $1,000, you might decide to invest in a couple of units.

How do I learn more about Pro Cure?

Learn more about Pro Cure and SprintRay’s other solutions for 3D printing at www.sprintray.comThe Pro Cure will come to market in early 2019, but you can pre-order it on

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