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Productivity is a Factor in TheraCem's Awards


In dentistry, excellent chemistry isn’t just about material quality and strength—it’s also about handling, working time, ease of cleanup, and patient post-operative sensitivity. While every dentist wants their indirect restoration to be a work of art, time-savings and productivity factor in during a busy workday. Enter TheraCem—BISCO’s “next-generation cement” that’s uniquely formulated to reduce procedure time and simplify the overall restorative process.

TheraCem is a dual-cured, calcium, and fluoride-releasing, self-adhesive resin cement indicated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and posts. It offers unique benefits, such as continuous calcium and fluoride release1.

“I am an adhesive and total-etch proponent, but it’s not always possible, for example, with second molars or subgingival margins, or when you can’t place a rubber dam,” said David Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD. “With TheraCem, you have a material that bonds better to tooth structure than most self-etching resin cements and is just as easy to use, but you also have the mineral release—calcium and fluoride. The current generation of self-etching resin cements may be going by the wayside.”

TheraCem has the ability to transition from acidic pH, needed for initial bonding, to an alkaline pH in minutes2. In addition, it offers a high degree of chemical conversion to ensure physical strength, delivers a strong bond to zirconia, and is highly radiopaque. Moreover, it’s easy to use, requires no refrigeration, and is easy to clean up, as confirmed by Dental Product Shopper evaluators.

After using BISCO’s TheraCem for a few weeks, DPS evaluator Dr. Scott Schaffer liked that the cement is very easy to use and clean up, and he was pleased that none of his patients reported post-operative sensitivity. He noted that he had one patient who was sensitive while the final restoration was temporarily cemented, and that sensitivity went away after the final cementation with TheraCem. He summarized, “I like the product a lot and will be using it in the future.” It’s feedback like this that earned TheraCem a DPS Best Product Award as well an Evaluators’ Choice award, as featured in Dental Product Shopper’s June 2018 issue arriving this week in your mailbox.

While DPS has conducted and published hundreds of product evaluations over the past 10 years, the Evaluators Choice Awards focus on what dentists use in their everyday practice. Hundreds of dentists weigh in through a survey, and the top products are chosen in more than 40 categories. The results are tallied and the top 3 products are presented. Released just over a year ago, TheraCem now joins the cements being recognized as go-to products in the operatory.

Learn more about TheraCem by reading the DPS product evaluation or check out this case study with Joseph S. Kim, DDS.

Also, visit for details on a TheraCem promotion that runs through the end of June.


1. Gleave CM, Chen L, Suh BI. Calcium & fluoride recharge of resin cements. Dent Mater. 2016 (32S):e26.

2. New Self-adhesive Resin Cement With Alkaline pH. Chen L, Gleave C, Suh B, J Dent Res96(A):#286, 2017.

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