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Proper Maintenance of High-Speed Handpieces = Longer Life


High-speed handpieces must be properly cared for in order to perform at optimal levels throughout their intended lifetime. StarDental, part of DentalEZ Integrated Solutions, provides its customers with detailed instructions so that their 430 Series handpieces don’t disappoint.

Handpieces should always be cleaned before the first use and between each patient. StarDental recommends never using chemical disinfectants on their handpieces. Other things that should not be used are: dry heat or cold sterilizers, surgical milk, surface wipes, sterilizer bags, ultrasonic cleaners, immersion techniques, detergents, hand soaps, or surface sprays containing disinfectants. Also important to preventing damage to burs is using an autoclavable bur block. StarDental recommends using an autoclavable bur block to avoid damage to the chuck during sterilization.

Between-patient maintenance instructions: After disconnecting the tubing and swivel, debris should be removed from external surfaces using a small brush and isopropyl alcohol. The inside should be cleaned at the swivel connection. Fiber optics can be cleaned with cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol. The cleaned handpiece should be dried thoroughly. Lubricated handpieces require lubrication prior to sterilization. Three drops of DentalLube II, from StarDental, should be placed in the drive air tube for complete lubrication of the internal components.

The 430 Series handpieces can be sterilized in standard sterilization pouches. Use only those designed for a single handpiece, making sure it is large enough to hold the handpiece without putting strain on the seals. After sterilization, allow the handpiece to cool to ambient temperature, and store in the pouch until ready for use. Remember that handpieces should never be used without a bur in place. When you’re ready to use the sterilized handpiece, connect the tubing and run it for 20 seconds before use to expel any excess lubricant before using on the patient.

StarDental recommends using Junk-Out High-Speed Chuck Cleaner once a week before sterilization to keep the chuck in optimum working condition.

StarDental 430 Series high-speed handpieces are available in both lubricated and lube-free. Lubricated handpieces are pre-lubricated at the factory and must be maintained prior to each patient use. Lubricated handpieces come with a 2-year warranty while LubeFree come with a 1-year warranty.

To learn more about StarDental’s handpieces, click here.

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