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The Perfect Product for the Re-birth of Dentistry


The Perfect Product for the Re-birth of Dentistry

Visalys Cemcore from Kettenbach As we gear up for a quite different dental world, it is time to re-evaluate the items in our dental closets. How many products needlessly overlap similar items on the shelf? How many have let us down because they were backed up by great marketing but poor handling and usability?

Should we continue to use materials with 35 shades, many of which we will never use? The answers are clear. Few dentists come out of the COVID-19 experience unchanged. We have all been drained financially and emotionally with the future as a giant question mark.

The answer is NOT to buy off-brand products. We need to use materials provided by excellent companies, grounded in quality, but not overpriced. Even better, consider products that have multiple uses. Allow me to introduce one such product: Visalys CemCore created by Kettenbach.

Visalys CemCore is a fascinating product which functions as a dual cure cement as well as a core material. It uniquely cements everything from veneers to bridges to Maryland Bridges, to core buildups (even without a matrix). It is designed to work with Kettenbach’s Visalys Tooth and Restorative Primers: single component primers with no light curing needed. They are quite strong and incorporate MDP adhesion monomers for a stronger bond to posts and to zirconia. The primers and cement combine in Kettenbach’s “Active-Connect-Technology”(ACT). Its shear bond strength and flex strength beats virtually all major cementation products available today1

The material shows remarkable stackability for post cores despite surprisingly thin film thickness. The author has found Visalys Cemcore easy to work with and simple to remove after a two second tack cure. Five shades are available as well as five try-in pastes, which makes this product even more adaptable for porcelain veneers.

A personal comment: a material is only as good as the company that manufactures it. Kettenbach is a company that is grounded in quality: quality products and quality people. From Futar to Panasil to Silginat, to Identium, each product excels in its category.  Visalys Cemcore continues that theme.

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