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A High-Quality, Single-Use Bur That’s Not Too Good to be True


A High-Quality, Single-Use Bur That’s Not Too Good to be True

neodiamond toolsMost of us have been conditioned to recognize that when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. For example, eating a dessert with zero calories or being randomly selected as the winner of a “free” cruise. Or, in the world of restorative dentistry, finding a high-quality single-use bur.

You may still be on the fence when it comes to the great debate over multi-use vs. single-use burs—after all, how can a disposable tool designed for cost-efficiency be manufactured with the same integrity and precision as its multi-use partner?

Yet through its passion for single-patient-use products, Microcopy aims to end the debate once and for all by ensuring that every bur in its NeoDiamond product line—regardless of its shape, size, or grit—offers the best of both worlds: multi-use quality in a single-use package.

Safe, Sharp, & Single-Use Diamonds

When it comes to dental burs, two of the most common issues dentists face are burs that easily fracture under pressure or burs that dull out too quickly—for example, in the middle of a big procedure. To combat these challenges, Microcopy uses proprietary Advanced Triton bonding technology to fasten diamonds to the shank with superior hardness and maximum longevity, while exposing 20% more diamond cutting surface than competing plated burs.

“During bigger cases, there was a time when I worried about the cost when diamonds stopped cutting so well and I had to use a new one,” said DPS evaluator Sherwood Tucker, DDS. “But now, I never worry about the cost with NeoDiamond single-use burs. Whenever I need a new diamond, even if I’m in the middle of a big case, I just open a fresh package. “

NeoDiamond in box from Microcopy A Sigh of Relief

Additionally, each NeoDiamond bur is individually wrapped and visible through a clear and white poly packet that identifies its diamond number, shape, description, and grit size—which brings a sigh of relief on both sides of the chair, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and changing guidelines around infection control.

“Patients always like to see instruments coming straight out of the single-use packet,” added Dr. Dory Stutman, who has used Microcopy burs almost exclusively for many years. “It reassures them more that the bur is sterile verses when they see previously used burs on a bur block. Plus, my final tooth preparation is always smooth with sharp margins—just how I want it to be.”


To find out what other dentists have to say about NeoDiamond single-patient-use burs, read the full product evaluation that made it a DPS Best Product.

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