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quip Takes the Tricks out of Time


Detail refill pasteI recently went through an exercise where participants were asked to put different pop culture events from last year in the order they happened. How hard could it be? We’re not that far into 2019.

However, my confidence floundered when I got the list of events. I stared at the paper blankly. Did the royal wedding happen before the Oscars? Did the U.S. Open happen after Coachella?

No one needs to go through this exercise to realize time plays tricks on us, and our perceptions of time can differ quite a bit from the reality of it. So when your patients tell you they’re replacing their brush heads at the American Dental Association-recommended interval of every three months, that might not be accurate, even if they think it is. You can tell when your patients are using overworn brushes, but by the time they see you, the cost of treatment is a lot higher than that of a toothbrush.

That’s why oral health company quip addresses this adherence issue by offering customers a subscription model that allows them to automatically get a new brush head every three months. In each refill, customers get a new brush head and AAA battery and optional toothpaste. With this painless process, customers avoid using worn, ineffective brushes without the hassle of remembering when they last bought a brush or remembering to buy a new one.

As you know, many patients can easily lapse on preventive care visits, too, and quip can help. The company sends digital reminders to customers to visit the dentist every six months. But, if you’re registered as a provider with quip, the reminders sent to your patients who are also quip customers are personalized with your information. Your patients can also get your recommendations and notes on their previous appointments through quip’s service. Plus, your patients can even earn rewards for visiting you on time—beyond the reward, of course, of likely having a better outcome during their checkup.

quip’s holistic approach to encouraging regular care will help your patients stay healthy—and support your business. Learn more at

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