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Reliable Restorations with an Adhesive Filling Family


Offering improved accuracy and shorter wait times for dental appliances, chairside CAD/CAM can make life easier for patients and practitioners alike. Despite these advantages, the technology is not without its shortcomings. Restorative outcomes are highly material-dependent and ceramic CAD/CAM prosthetics can suffer from brittleness and time-consuming placement. Moreover, the material isn’t always easy to polish, repair or modify, meaning it can be a challenge to achieve desirable esthetics and functionality. Finally, major problems can arise with the bonds between ceramics and luting composites—in some cases, this even spells restorative failure.

For over three decades, manufacturer COLTENE has been internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of adhesive restorative therapy. Now, COLTENE rounds out its family of comprehensive restorative solutions with the innovative BRILLIANT Crios, a reinforced composite bloc for permanent restorations. BRILLIANT Crios aims to outclass ceramic counterparts by marrying the advantages of CAD/CAM fabrication with the well-proven esthetic and functional benefits of composite. Complemented by COLTENE’s suite of adhesive filling materials, BRILLIANT Crios provides a versatile and reliable luting system suitable for all conventional indications.

With high flexural strength and seamless, natural esthetics, BRILLIANT Crios is the ideal choice for permanent single-tooth restorations of both the posterior and anterior regions. The material features excellent wear resistance and shock absorption for reduced stress transmission and restorative longevity. BRILLIANT Crios also maximizes efficiency, as it handles well, requires no firing and can be effortlessly polished to a high gloss in minimal time. Unlike ceramic materials, BRILLIANT Crios can be ground with ease and precision, giving you the freedom to modify and repair restorations as needed.

While bond adhesion can be an issue for CAD/CAM ceramics, BRILLIANT Crios is backed by a luting system you can depend on. At the core of this system is ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL, a universal adhesive perfectly matched to BRILLIANT Crios’ components. Monomers in ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL penetrate the polymerized resin matrix of BRILLIANT Crios producing strong anchorage and reliable adhesion. Based on indication, BRILLIANT Crios and ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL be used in conjunction with COLTENE’s other adhesive filling solutions to create safe, securely bonded restorations.

BRILLIANT EverGlow®, a light-curing composite, works optimally as a luting material for dentin or composite for thin restoration walls of ≤ 3mm. For wall thickness of ≤ 5mm, COLTENE’s cements are an ideal choice. Dual-curing resin cement DuoCem® offers exceptional bonding values to dentin or composite. For strong bonding to metal or ceramic abutments without the need for an additional bonding step, self-adhesive, dual-curing resin cement SoloCem® fits the bill.

To learn more about COLTENE’s family of adhesive filling therapy products, watch demonstration videos and order materials for your practice, visit their website.

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